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Providing You Care Like Home.


TRUWDES was promoted and registered in 1987 under the Tamilnadu Societies Registration Act of 1975 at Tiruchirapalli destrict by the Social Worker who have worked with NGOs togather.


TRUWDES aimed to educate the public to focus its attention on childcare especially the children in the lowest economic strata of society will get benefited and brought up well. It aimed to enabling the women in rural and urban pockets to create awareness, and mobilize them for their empowering through the organization of skill training, groups, exposer, experience sharing and networking with the other women groups for unified endeavors.

TRUWDES has been running the old age Home for 25 aged and elderly persons at Valavanthankottai village of Trichirapalli district since 1999. It has been approved and had been given grant in aid from the financial year 2000-2001 by the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, GOI, New Delhi vide its orders No: F -15 – 22(32)/1999-2000- SD dated 05.03.2001 .

It had 25 aged and elderly persons to start with. It has been successfully running this OAH continuously for the past 19 financial years in this village. The Home is located in serene, peaceful location where the aged and elderly persons have been spending their days provided with nutrition, care, recreation and leisure time activities along with the peer mates.

Old Age Home for 50 aged and elderly women (Widows) (Multi care Facilities)  

TRUWDES are running the ( Multi care Facilities)   Old Age Home for 50 widows Aged persons (Above 60+) at Ambal Nagar, Valavanthankottai, Trichy District (Tamil Nadu)

The Home of Aged persons was started in 2014-2015.  The eligible strength of the home is 50 Aged persons.  The Home is being implemented effectively by the institution since its beginning of the home.

The Home accommodates the Aged person’s gives priority to the widows, aged people with disability.


The inmates are being provided cots, bed, bedding, apart from the table with chair and dining and in the reading room and other articles as per Norms for each Aged persons.

Our Vision

TRUWDES has been planning to expand its areas of reach with new programs that met the felt needs of the people in these districts in the coming years with the active support from the supporters and the Government of India.


TRUWDES take this time to express its sincere and heartfelt thanks to the all the donors, the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India and Tamilnadu and other philanthropists and well wishes for their generous and great support and encouragement to our organization to take this task of development and empowerment for the poor.

We look forward to more support and guidance in the ensuing years too.


TRUWDES implemented the following programs in its target districts of Trichirapalli and Dindigul of Tamilnadu, they are


  • Crèche for Preschool Children at Manchampatti, Dindigul district

  • Old Age Home for 25 aged and elderly persons at Valavanthankottai, Trichirapalli district.

  • Primary School for Tribal Children, Manchampatti, Kodaikanal, Dindugul district.

  • Awareness Generation Program for women and girls about care for  aged and  elderly persons.

  • Senior Citizens Home for 50 Widows Women

  • Day Care Centre for aged and elderly persons

Better Care Starts with You!
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